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KHTP Sterilisation is the company handling sterilisation process Ethylene Oxide using parametric release (new technologies) with capacity of 16 and 10 Euro pallet (12 and 8 Standard Pallet).

We also set up and aeration chamber to ensure residue limit below the safety permission and return product/goods to customer faster compare to previous technology sterilisation system.

KHTP Sterilisation experience in the sterilisation business can guarantee a sterility kill with high quality EO sterilisation process.

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Clearly define the sterilization process, including the equipment, cycle parameters, and conditions.


The routine sterilization cycle for medical devices using ethylene oxide (EO) involves several steps to ensure the effective and safe sterilization of the devices.

Lab Testing

Laboratory testing plays a crucial role in validating and monitoring the sterilization of medical devices using ethylene oxide (EO).


After the sterilization process using ethylene oxide (EO), proper storage of medical devices is crucial to maintain the sterility of the products until they are used.

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Our commitment to quality extends to meticulous warehouse management.

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Safety System – Warehouse Gas Detector

Prioritizing safety, our warehouse is equipped with a state-of-the-art gas detection system.

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Benefit from convenience and efficiency with our nearby outsourced laboratory.

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